1st Coronation 2018
All you need to know about the 1st Coronation 2018
in 2018, Miss Arab World Organization has launched an event to crown queens who were not crowned in their countries before the final ceremony. The beauty queens participating in the competitions are: Rania Bin Aishouch from Algeria, Sherine Hosni from Morocco, Malak Youssef from Saudi Arabia, Fatim Al Shamasi from the UAE, Ghufran Ismail from Sudan, Sarah El Agha from Yemen, Aisha Saeed from the Sultanate of Oman, Fawzia Abdel Reda from Bahrain , Raneem Al-Sabbagh from Syria, Yasmine Ghazi from Tunisia, Rumisa Al-Hajj from Eritrea, Rodina Hussein from Egypt, Taleen Yaghmour from Palestine, Farah Nasir from Iraq and Katina Zarifa from Lebanon.


photos gathered during the preperation