General Terms and Rules for Applying to the Competition

• We are now accepting contestants to participate in the Miss Arab competition for the year 2021.
• Age between 18 and 28 as of January 1, 2021, meaning those born in the year 1-1-1994 to 12-31-2003 and not married are accepted.
• At least one of the parents or grandparents must be of Arab origin.
• To be in good health, with good morals and a good CV.
• Headgear will be accepted in the Miss Arab competition. Head coverings are part of the cultural traditions of many Arab countries.
• The contestant must be fluent in Arabic and English very well.
• Height and weight should be consistent.
• The contestant enjoys the qualities of self-confidence in a bouquet that is good-looking and has broad-minded values ​​that expand for self-development.
• She has a culture and social tact and is ready to serve the community by carrying out voluntary activities.
• They must agree, if they win the title of Miss Arab World for their country, to participate in the Miss Arab World final.
• Obtaining a valid international passport until the year of participation.
• Finally, the best goals you aspire to achieve must be of benefit and values ​​to society.
• Those who meet the conditions of the competition can register now through (apply now).
If you have any questions regarding the terms, or if there is any problem with registration, or if you want to request an exception! Exceptions may be granted for ages up to 32 years, and the case will be reviewed by the competition administration and referred to again according to each case. You can contact us via (contact us).