Mrs. Hanan Nasr

Dr. Hanan Nasr

The Founder

Owner & CEO of Miss Arab World


An Ambitious Egyptian Business woman, writer and poet, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Cairo University, a Master’s degree in Marketing from Cairo University, an honorary doctorate from the Al-Ahliya University of Bahrain, an Ambassador for Peace from the World Organization for Human Rights in the WSA, President of the Miss Arab Foundation in the Arab World and Europe, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Motion Media Production.
Her Ambitious are specified in organizing festivals, conferences, and tourist and artistic exhibitions inside and outside Egypt, in addition to its work in the field of Arab media and artistic Production and Charity for the Needy.

  • The Owner and Founder of the Miss Arab Egypt and Miss Arab World Competition.
  • One of the Founders of the idea of ​​the Arab Tourism Festivals and Competitions in Egypt.
  • Member of the Arab Tourism Experts Association.
  • A member of the Egyptian-Libyan Businessmen Association.
  • The Foundation of the Arab Caravan of Goodness Association.
  • He is a working member of the Ma’adi Lions Club and a group of charitable societies and has literary, poetic and artistic works and has received many honors from dignitaries in the Arab world Community and Egypt.

Dr. Hanan Nasr Announced that at the top of the competition’s goals is to activate tourism in Egypt and strengthen relations between Egypt and sister countries in the Arab world, and the most important feature that distinguishes this competition from other beauty pageants is that it helps girls maintain their customs and traditions and spread different customs and civilizations. between countries, which helps in the development of culture. And that the goal of holding the final competitions in Egypt was to convey the honorable image, security, safety and stability that Egypt is witnessing, especially after the many tours of Miss Arabs throw the years.

She said that the Foundation has, over the past 17 years, organized promotional campaigns for Egyptian tourism, including the campaign     “ولا يهمك يا مصر” – “وحشتونا” – “السياحة النيلية” , in addition to that all the girls who receive the title of Miss Arab have a schedule of charitable volunteer work on behalf of the Foundation and that works throughout the year and this is the goal of the Foundation.