57357 Hospital

2nd Visit

All you need to know about the Complete Day

The Foundation visited Hospital 57357 and they were received by Amr Ezzat Salameh, Chairman of the Hospital’s Committee of Trustees.
The honorable queens, Bodour Bint Abdullah Al Rabean, the honorary president of the festival, Hanan Nasr, the organizer of the competition, the artist Jihan Qamary, a delegate from the Presidency of the Republic, Hoda Al-Kashef, the founder of the idea of ​​Arab peace to donate blood, Souad Al-Shami, the representative of Miss Arab Morocco, and businessman Adel Zabbakh, Ambassador Dalia Al-Tohamy, Sofiane Hajjar, Algeria’s representative for Miss Arabs, Kawthar Al-Shawi, fashion designer for Miss Arabs, and Jihan Al-Shami.

And the presence of Miss Arab 2018 from different parts of the Arab world, their names were as follows: “Rania Ben Aishush, Miss Arabs, Algeria, Sherine Hosni, Miss Arabs Morocco, Malak Youssef, Miss Arabs Saudi Arabia, Fatim Al Shamsi, Miss Arabs Emirates, and Ghufran Ismail, Miss Arabs Sudan.” Sarah Al-Agha, Miss Arab Yemen, Aisha Saeed, Miss Arabs Sultanate of Oman, Fawzia Abdel Reda, Miss Arabs Bahrain, Ranim Al Sabbagh, Miss Arabs Syria, Yasmine Ghazi, Miss Arabs Tunisia, Rumisa Al Haj, Miss Arabs Eritrea, and Rania Mustafa, Miss Arabs. Egypt, Sawsan Al-Saadi, Miss Arab Syria, Taleen Yaghmour, Miss Arab Palestine, Farah Naseer, Miss Arab Iraq, Julian Yaghmour, former Miss Palestine, Katina Zarifa, Miss Arab Lebanon, Sakina Jabbari, Miss Arab Europe, and Asia Azouzi, the runner-up for Miss Arab Europe, and Ghadeer Omar, the runner-up to Miss Arab Europe.

Video Of The Day

photos gathered during the Visit