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Miss Arabs Egypt celebrates with Arab stars the maternity and childhood feasts at the Ahmed Orabi Social Club, with a group of care homes for the elderly
Where 150 mothers and fathers were hosted from the homes of the elderly to attend the lunch ceremony, and they are from associations together in the pyramid, the Beblawi Charitable Foundation for the care of the elderly, the Dar Al-Seddik for the care of the elderly in the Ahmed Orabi Association and the Live Line Home for the care of the elderly in Heliopolis. Sultan.
A charitable fashion show for the benefit of elderly homes, from the fashions of the Syrian fashion designer, Yasser Harbeli, and the ladies of the Orabi Club were fascinated by the fashion show. The charity hosted the ceremony, and the stars were honored as guests of honor. Businessman Ahmed Abaza attended the Bayut Gallery for Furniture, as a donor in favor of the ceremony. An exhibition of handicrafts was held on the sidelines.

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photos gathered during the Visit


photos gathered during the preperation


THE Most Important Attendance of the Ceremony