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In solidarity with the Lebanese people, the Arab Caravan of Goodness, which represents a group of women and businessmen from the Arab world, consisting of Hanan Nasr, head of the Arab Girl Festival, Queen Claudia Hanna (Iraq), her maid Dina Shalaby (Egypt), and the Saudi Red Crescent, Ansaf Bagedo, Afaf Al-Abdullah and Darwish Al-Iskandarani, in addition To Hazem Lutfi, editor-in-chief of the London Time newspaper in London, Samar Latakani (Lebanon) and Tariq Bastawisi (Egypt), and Ghassan Al-Moallem, Consul General of Lebanon in Saudi Arabia, accompanied them to visit southern Lebanon at the end of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr to present gifts to 30,000 children in southern Lebanon. The convoy was received by the President of the Republic Mr. Emile Lahoud, Mr. Fouad Siniora, Prime Minister of Lebanon, and Mr. Rachid El Solh, the former Prime Minister.
The convoy visited several places in brotherly Lebanon, including “Al-Dahiya – Naqoura – Yarin – Al-Bustan – Aita Al-Shaab – Qana – Qalweya.” The convoy also visited many charitable societies such as “Mar Elias” to celebrate the blessed Eid Al-Fitr with orphans and war-afflicted children.

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photos gathered during the Visit


photos gathered during the preperation

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THE Most Important Attendance of the Ceremony

توزيع الهدايا على الأطفال

THE Most Important Attendance of the Ceremony


THE Most Important Attendance of the Ceremony