The concept behind the competition

It comes under the slogan of an invitation to culture, to choose an ideal Arab girl according to the authentic Arab customs and traditions.

The idea is to select a qualified Arab girl from 22 Arab countries, and each girl honorably represents her country.

She appears in her country’s national dress and goes throw a series of cultural and behavioral tests. Through a jury composed of professors and experts with extensive experience representing the Arab world, they were invited to participate in the camp of all the girls together, under the supervision of a prominent women elite from the Arab world, and this competition is held under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, where the girls get written exams and oral exams in The first stages take place and vote on the sponsor channels, in addition to the scores of the closing ceremony and the questions put to the public.

The festival is officially sponsored by the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab countries, and every year a large number of Arab social elites, local political figures, Arab ambassadors, a large number of famous artists and artists, as well as celebrities and a group of men and women from the press and media in the Arab world participate in it.